Friday, August 1, 2014

Spellbinders Review

Purex Insiders is expanding their product reviews and I was lucky enough to receive a 2 Spellbinders kits to try out and a Spellbinders stamp set to giveaway!  

Here's the first kit.  A cute little party hat card.

Here are all the pieces that I used.  The cute pink polka dot paper had a fun design on the back too.  I just used double sided tape and scissors for the project.


Here are the items for the second project.  It's a cute little bag for a small gift.  I loved the textured paper tag.  I think it really makes it pop.  I wouldn't have thought to layer them like that.

I was also sent a Spellbinders stamp set to giveaway.

I took the projects to my craft group to show them the different materials.  Most of us primarily do paper crafts but we also dabble in knitting, crocheting and other projects.  Here are Meredith and her daughter Gabi (Don't they look more like sisters????) - winners of our giveaway!

I really enjoyed using the Spellbinders products.  They were all high quality items and I liked that the papers were double sided.  The stamp set was also very nice.  I kinda wanted to keep it for myself but I know it will be well used by Meredith and Gabi!  They were already talking about what they were going to use the stamps on when we were still at craft group.  Enjoy it ladies!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This box ROCKS!

I recently learned of a totally groovy subscription service called RocksBox. You sign up, take a survey on your likes and dislikes and you start receiving jewelry in the mail. WOO!  You guys know I love getting things in the mail but getting jewelry in the mail? Totes the best thing ever.

So here's what I pulled out of the bag:

Stupid cute.  I love it. I can't believe I was able to wait long enough to take this picture.
 And out of the box came...
That's totally my initial on the sticker.  Details matter!
 So the jewelry I received:
Angel Court Snake Ring in Adjustable Silver (retail: $28)
Loved it!  My favorite piece. Simple but with beautiful detail.  Definitely a conversation piece.
 Nakamol Mixed Crystals Five Times Blue Leather Wrap Bracelet (retail $55)

I like this one pretty well. I like the style and the colors are nice.  It's very well made.

Adia Kibur Metallic Knot Necklace in Hematite (retail $68)
This one was a bit odd for me. It was very rigid and didn't quite sit well on me but it's beautiful!

So now what?  I wear what I like for as long as I like. If I want to purchase anything (like that fab ring) then I send back anything that I do not want to keep and they send me another box of 3 new things!  All shipping is FREE! You also get discounts on the jewelry that you'd like to purchase. 

Want to try it out for yourself?  Click HERE and get your first month for only $9! You can send the box back and try new items as many times as you would like!  Give it a go.  Would make a great gift for mother's day too!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Purex No Sort for Colors - Laundry Detergent Giveaway

I'm a lazy launderer. I let it pile up, realize I don't have any clean socks and then think, "Hmmmm... maybe I should do some laundry." Doing a hundred different loads just isn't realistic for me. I'm sure you guys and gals are busy with a million things too. Wouldn't it be totally awesome sauce if we could just throw all our clothes in the washer together and know that those little babies would be safe?

Enter Purex No Sort for Colors!
 I know what you're thinking. "Rachel, What about new clothes? What about jeans?" Like any new clothes or jeans you will want to wash them a few times first (Purex recommends at least 5) but then feel free to mix them all together, wash them on cold and ta da! How does this work?

Purex No Sort for Colors detergent has Anti-Color-Transfer Technology which traps loose dyes in the wash so it doesn't settle on other fabrics.  This sounds like the end of the problem I always have.  If a clothing item is many different colors (including white) now I know exactly which detergent I need to use! 

Want to check it out for yourself?  Enter our giveaway now!

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Purex Crystals - Fabulously Fresh Limited Edition Giveaway!

You know I love fresh laundry.  It is by far my favorite scent in the universe.  There's just something so comforting about it. Purex Crystals do an amazing job of prolonging that fresh scent! It's definitely my favorite fabric softener option on the market today.

I was ecstatic to try a new limited edition scent from Purex - Fabulously Fresh!  That names is extremely appropriate!

So obviously it's pretty flowery looking and it smells that way too.  Boyfriend definitely said he didn't want to go to work smelling "girly" but I load all of my clothes and the towels, sheets and other linens in the washer and toss in these awesome crystals.  I think they smell heavenly and it's really not that strong when it comes out of the dryer.  It smells mostly fresh with a hint of floweriness. I'm sure that's not a word but I think you know what I'm saying.  :-)

Want to try it out for yourself?  Enter now to win!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Graze: Snacking Reinvented

Hello all!  I just received my very first GRAZE snack box in the mail and I wanted to share it with you! 

So what is Graze?  Graze is an awesome little mail order service that you can sign up for and receive tasty and healthy snacks in the mail.  You can opt to have a box sent every 2 weeks or once a month. You can try one box for free with this coupon code: 1FKMF9C2B  

Then if you sign up for the service then your 5th box will be free too!  The boxes are $6 each and contain 4 different snacks.  This was what came in my first box:

keen bean
chili & lime pistachios
granny smith apple slices with toffee sauce - only 66 calories!
cherries and berries
I also received a little welcome note and the nutrition facts for each snack in my box.

My favorite thing about Graze is that you can rate your snacks "Love", "Like, "Try" or "Trash".  If you love something (like those cherries and berries which I've already scarfed down) or like something then you can mark them making it more likely that they will show up in future boxes.   If you would like to try something then you can mark those as well.  The best though is that you can trash stuff. I am not a fan of sunflower seeds so you can actually search for "sunflower seeds" and it will pull up all the snacks that contain them so you can trash them all. You can also pick and choose. You can also trash anything that contains wheat and gluten, shellac, lactose or anything not vegetarian.  Just click HERE for more info on that. It's all up to you! 

They also have 2 kinds of boxes.  I have the Nibblebox which is pretty open to all the snacks they have.  They also have a low calorie box.   

Use the code (1FKMF9C2B ) and check out a box for free - it even includes free shipping! 


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clean Hands and Fresh Scents - Dial Giveaway!

Have you seen this on the shelves yet?
It's the new Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps!  I just received 2 of them to try out and I think they are great! The new hand soaps come in 3 scents. I tried the Water Blossoms and Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar.  It also comes in a Coconut Lime Verbena.
The bottles are a new shape and I love the bright colors. The Water Blossoms goes perfectly in our bathroom and has a nice clean smell.  The Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar is great for the kitchen. It's fresh and citrusy with a bit of sweetness.  Immediately I noticed that only a little comes out when you press down on the pump.  This is a welcome relief to me.  I hate when you buy hand soap and much more than you need comes out with one pump.  This one has the perfect amount of hand soap per pump. I feel like it helps save money and isn't wasteful.  So how does it look?


The left one is right out of the pump. I did 2 pumps so you guys could see it better but one was plenty. You can see the little micro scrubbers in the soap.  They are great!  It's exfoliating for your hands which is perfect since I'm trying to keep my hands soft and moisturized now that the harsh winter winds are blowing away! Time to prep for summer.  It's like a little manicure in your sink! It really smooths and moisturizes while it cleans.  The scent is perfect too.  While washing the soap doesn't foam up much (picture on the right) but you can really feel those little micro scrubbers working. It rinses off clean and leaves a very light scent on your hands.  

I highly recommend! You don't have to take my word for it though... I have 4 coupons to give away!


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Happy Valentine's Day, Spotters!

Because I love you all so much I have a special Valentine's day giveaway!  Enter now to win a coupon for this fabulous new Purex Crystals scent -Fresh Mountain Breeze!  A winner will be chosen at 4:45pm today!

This is my favorite scent so far.  I've put it through a true test... I washed a few loads of clothes with it about 2 weeks ago then a couple of days later I got sick with bronchitis.  Needless to say I haven't felt like washing anything!  I went to grab a new pair of pjs yesterday (the uniform of the sick) and they smelled like I had just pulled them from the dryer!  AMAZING!  I can't believe the fab smell lasted that long! 

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