Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Graze: Snacking Reinvented

Hello all!  I just received my very first GRAZE snack box in the mail and I wanted to share it with you! 

So what is Graze?  Graze is an awesome little mail order service that you can sign up for and receive tasty and healthy snacks in the mail.  You can opt to have a box sent every 2 weeks or once a month. You can try one box for free with this coupon code: 1FKMF9C2B  

Then if you sign up for the service then your 5th box will be free too!  The boxes are $6 each and contain 4 different snacks.  This was what came in my first box:

keen bean
chili & lime pistachios
granny smith apple slices with toffee sauce - only 66 calories!
cherries and berries
I also received a little welcome note and the nutrition facts for each snack in my box.

My favorite thing about Graze is that you can rate your snacks "Love", "Like, "Try" or "Trash".  If you love something (like those cherries and berries which I've already scarfed down) or like something then you can mark them making it more likely that they will show up in future boxes.   If you would like to try something then you can mark those as well.  The best though is that you can trash stuff. I am not a fan of sunflower seeds so you can actually search for "sunflower seeds" and it will pull up all the snacks that contain them so you can trash them all. You can also pick and choose. You can also trash anything that contains wheat and gluten, shellac, lactose or anything not vegetarian.  Just click HERE for more info on that. It's all up to you! 

They also have 2 kinds of boxes.  I have the Nibblebox which is pretty open to all the snacks they have.  They also have a low calorie box.   

Use the code (1FKMF9C2B ) and check out a box for free - it even includes free shipping! 


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clean Hands and Fresh Scents - Dial Giveaway!

Have you seen this on the shelves yet?
It's the new Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps!  I just received 2 of them to try out and I think they are great! The new hand soaps come in 3 scents. I tried the Water Blossoms and Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar.  It also comes in a Coconut Lime Verbena.
The bottles are a new shape and I love the bright colors. The Water Blossoms goes perfectly in our bathroom and has a nice clean smell.  The Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar is great for the kitchen. It's fresh and citrusy with a bit of sweetness.  Immediately I noticed that only a little comes out when you press down on the pump.  This is a welcome relief to me.  I hate when you buy hand soap and much more than you need comes out with one pump.  This one has the perfect amount of hand soap per pump. I feel like it helps save money and isn't wasteful.  So how does it look?


The left one is right out of the pump. I did 2 pumps so you guys could see it better but one was plenty. You can see the little micro scrubbers in the soap.  They are great!  It's exfoliating for your hands which is perfect since I'm trying to keep my hands soft and moisturized now that the harsh winter winds are blowing away! Time to prep for summer.  It's like a little manicure in your sink! It really smooths and moisturizes while it cleans.  The scent is perfect too.  While washing the soap doesn't foam up much (picture on the right) but you can really feel those little micro scrubbers working. It rinses off clean and leaves a very light scent on your hands.  

I highly recommend! You don't have to take my word for it though... I have 4 coupons to give away!


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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Happy Valentine's Day, Spotters!

Because I love you all so much I have a special Valentine's day giveaway!  Enter now to win a coupon for this fabulous new Purex Crystals scent -Fresh Mountain Breeze!  A winner will be chosen at 4:45pm today!

This is my favorite scent so far.  I've put it through a true test... I washed a few loads of clothes with it about 2 weeks ago then a couple of days later I got sick with bronchitis.  Needless to say I haven't felt like washing anything!  I went to grab a new pair of pjs yesterday (the uniform of the sick) and they smelled like I had just pulled them from the dryer!  AMAZING!  I can't believe the fab smell lasted that long! 

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What is a laundry bar?

I have never seen or heard of a laundry bar but I'm all for trying anything that will get my clothes clean.  If I really want to put a product to the test then I try it out on the boyfriend's clothes.  He works hard in dirt everyday so his clothes (especially his pants) are so filthy by the end of a long day.  

Check out this monstrosity:
I mean... what is he doing during the day?  Gross.  
That's when the Fels-Naptha laundry bar and stain remover comes into play!

Fels-Naptha to the rescue!

So you wet the clothing and rub the bar all over it then let it sit for a few minutes.  The bar smells great!  It's super refreshing. I could actually smell it in the box before I even opened it.  I'm sure the postal truck smelled wonderful too! So I rubbed the bar all over the pants.  Now it looks even worse right?

I threw the pants in the washer and dryer and ta da! They are far from perfect but much better! Obviously boyfriend's work pants were a ridiculous level of nast but I think it was a good test to see if it worked.  I will definitely continue to use it on his pants and other items like when I drop food on my shirt.... which may happen quite frequently. 

Here is a side by side comparison for you:

You know what else is for you?  A coupon so you can try it out for yourself of course!  If you are like me and aren't sure if a laundry bar is for you or if you have tried it before and already know how awesome they are then enter below and I'll pick 2 winners to receive a coupon for a FREE Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar!

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Monday, September 30, 2013

An Extra $1000? SIGN ME UP!

Purex is always giving stuff away!  Now, you can enter to win $1000 and a year's supply of detergent!  I feel that for some of us the detergent might add up to more than $1000 with the number of loads you do.

Enter the Step into Fall Dirt Lift Sweepstakes HERE for a chance to win $1000, plus a year's supply of Purex with Dirt Lift Action Detergent!

What would you do with an extra $1000?  How much do you think you spend on year's worth of detergent?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy National Coffee Day!

There are a ton of deals today on FREE coffee!  Check these out:

Starbucks: Customers can sample Ethiopia coffee at participating Starbucks® stores in the U.S. on National Coffee Day, September 29, and those who purchase a 1 lb. bag of Ethiopia whole bean will receive a commemorative Ethiopia tasting cup, while supplies last. More info

Krispy Kreme:  Get a FREE 12oz cup of hot coffee at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canada locations. No purchase necessary.  Fans of fancier specialty coffee drinks can also get any 12oz mocha, latte, or iced coffee including Krispy Kreme’s delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte, for just $1 at participating Krispy Kreme locations. Excludes Puerto Rico.  More info

Dunkin Donuts:  guests can receive a FREE small hot or iced Dunkin’ Donuts coffee at participating DD restaurants throughout the United States. The offer is available and redeemable only on National Coffee Day through the “My Offers” tab of the Dunkin’ Mobile® App, which is available for both iPhone® and Android™ mobile devices. - More info 

Caribou Coffee: Print the offer here (or show on your mobile device) to get a FREE small coffee 

Wawa: Sign up here to receive a free 16oz coffee


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Purex UltraPacks plus OXI Giveaway!

If you are like me then it seems like you can never stay on top of the laundry. There are only 2 people in our house and I am baffled at how many articles of clothing we can go through in one day. It's ridiculous. I haven't changed clothes this many times a day since I went to Girl Scout camp. All fashionistas know that you can't wear the same outfit you wore to rope tying class to dinner or to the camp fire sing along. Come on. Get serious. Tim Gunn would not approve of that.

My grown up budget does not approve of all this washing! I'm looking for the best bang for the buck so I'm all for trying a detergent that includes OXI. Sometimes I have to wash the boyfriends stinky and filthy socks twice before I'm satisfied. I'm starting to wonder if he's running around in the dirt in his socks during the day. Luckily for me (and now for you guys) Purex sent me a bag of Purex UltraPacks plus OXI detergent packs. I'm a big fan of the detergent capsules. I don't have to measure anything with these. 

I just throw in one of the cute green laundry pods (they remind me of something out of The Green Lantern... I'm a bit of a nerd.  Did I forget to mention that?), start filling up the washer with water and throw the clothes in. The combination of detergent plus OXI fights over 101 stains and the DirtLift Action formula has twice as much cleaning power as traditional liquid detergent.  Can I get a "Woot! Woot!"?

Gross, dirty socks clean in one go! Ready to fight another day! Poor socks. What is the hardest thing for you to get clean in the washing machine? Would you like to put Purex UltraPacks plus OXI to the test? Register below for a chance to win a coupon for a FREE full sized bag of UltraPacks plus OXI!

You can also go HERE to participate in the red football jersey giveaway and be entered to win $50!  Just find the jersey on the Purex website and fill out the form. What would you do with an extra $50?

Good luck!

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